Then ...
(courtesy of Jason Dorfman)

... and Now - Team Reunion, October 2009
(courtesy of Jonathan Williams)

MIT, in partnership with Olin College and Draper Laboratory, competed in the 2007 DARPA Grand Challenge. We are thrilled that Talos, our Land Rover LR3, finished in fourth place and that it was one of six vehicles to complete the nearly 60-mile course!

The challenge was the first of its kind to require vehicles to autonomously operate in a dynamic urban environment. Vehicles had to navigate a network of paved suburban and dirt roads among other autonomous cars as well as human-driven vehicles. The cars were tasked with completing a series of mock supply missions while obeying standard California driving laws. Much like people do, they had to deal with many of the challenges inherent to urban driving: navigating among other moving cars, re-planning due to roadblocks, etc. In this case, though, nobody was behind the wheel.