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The data files and software provided here are described in the following paper.

A high-rate, heterogeneous data set from the DARPA Urban Challenge
Albert S. Huang, Matthew Antone, Edwin Olson, David Moore, Luke Fletcher, Seth Teller, and John Leonard
International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR), vol. 29, no. 13, Nov. 2010 PDF


mitdgc-log-viewer screenshot

There are two types of log files -- primary data logs, and camera logs. Camera logs contain full resolution camera data. Primary data logs contain everything else.

Source Code

Download source code to parse the log files: mit-dgc-data.tar.gz

Instructions are in a README file distributed with the software.

Data Files

Primary Log files are stored in the LCM log file format. Camera log files are provided in the Camunits log file format. You can either view them with the Camunits tools, or you can use extract_jpegs.c to extract timestamped JPEG files.

WARNING Files are very large. Do not download unless you are on a suitable high bandwidth connection. and you have enough disk space

Primary Log Camera Logs Description
mitdgc-log-sample (83 MB) None Sample log file
2007-11-03-log-uce-scrubbed.mission1 (74 GB) 2007-11-03-cam_roof_fc.uce_mission1 (Camunits, 18 GB) Urban Challenge Finals -- Mission 1
2007-11-03-log-uce-scrubbed.mission2 (38 GB) 2007-11-03-cam_roof_fc.uce_mission2 (9.5 GB) Urban Challenge Finals -- Mission 2
2007-11-03-log-uce-scrubbed.mission3 (72 GB) 2007-11-03-cam_roof_fc.uce_mission3 (18 GB) Urban Challenge Finals -- Mission 3

Log files are copyright 2007-2008 MIT, all rights reserved. They are being made available as a service to the academic research community.


Please send bug reports to:

Albert Huang <>
David Moore <>
Edwin Olson <>
Luke Fletcher <>
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